AngryPug Chat Rules

Rules & General Etiquette:

Have fun & Participate!

  NO Racism, Sexism, or Homophobic Slurs

  NO Political/Religious talk

  NO backseat Gaming, or telling AngryPug to play something else.

  NO spamming (including CAPS LOCK, or other symbols)

  NO self-promoting or promoting other channels

  NO extreme trolling, or joking about sensitive subjects

  NO sports talk on Friday nights

  NO bad mouthing or harassing viewers, moderators, or other content creators

  NO going to other Streamers chats to harrass, bully, or taunt them

  NO describing things as 'cancer' or 'AIDS'

  NO referring to any diseases or disorders (autism, etc) in a joking manner

  NO asking to Team or play with AngryPug

  NO begging for gifted subs

  NO fake or pretend donations

  NO using /me for creating colored text in chat

  ENGLISH ONLY. This is the only language we understand

  ABOVE ALL: Obey AngryPug and his moderators, they are there to keep chat fair and civil.

Breaking the rules can and will result in a Warning/Purge/Time Out/Ban depending on severity of infraction.